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Hello Glasgow and beyond!

Just a touch of background information about myself to help you know me a little better.

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My story as a personal trainer

As a personal trainer who started training individuals 20 years ago, my time in the industry demonstrates that I am a dedicated professional (otherwise I'd have no job haha!) who strives to help my clients achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals as best I can.

My journey began as a PT/gym manager at a local gym after finishing my Level 3 in Birmingham in 2003. Here, I assisted many clients in reaching their fitness objectives. However, I had a yearning to try out for one of the toughest military units around: The British Army's elite Parachute Regiment, which is known for its rigorous selection process and exceptional standards.


During my time in The Para's I served across the globe, with operational experience in Afghanistan during the height of the conflict. This challenging and extremely hostile environment had significant threats, meaning we came into contact with the enemy on a daily basis. Nevertheless, it was this and other challenges that aided in my personal and professional growth, to which I remain thankful. 

Upon my return, I resumed my passion by establishing my own personal training business. My dedication to learning and self-improvement led me to pursue a degree in sports coaching, which enabled me to collaborate with prominent figures in the public sphere. I also had the unique opportunity to serve as the lead PT in the nuclear civil industry for 4 years, where I mentored staff and delved deeper into the intricacies of fitness psychology and behaviour. Additionally, I have constantly pursued knowledge in the fields of biomechanics, nutrition, and the latest developments in physical exercise science.

To further understand behaviour science at a deeper level and build strategies to help my clients, I completed a degree in psychology. I continued my education with a Master's degree in neuroscience, which allowed me to gain a more comprehensive understanding of behaviour from a biological perspective. With this knowledge, I can, for instance, help my clients hack their brain's reward system for optimal lifestyle improvements.

To me, personal training is a fulfilling craft, analogous to what I can imagine a coparcener feels producing a work of art. Thus, PT allows me to apply real science to real people and provide a caring, personal service where I can use my vast knowledge and intuition to develop my clients in a manner which is progressive, safe and enjoyable. I find it incredibly rewarding to help others improve who they are, and that is what drives me to continuously strive for excellence in my work.


Thanks for reading, I hope to hear from you soon.

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