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Below is a small collection of my personal training results ranging from fat loss and postural change, all the way to full body transformation. 


David after personal training
 after personal training
Micheal after 6 months for personal training in glasgow
Chris after a new lifestyle routine
Owen after a 8 week personal training diet
Yogi going from no gym work to personal training with BrodiePT
Abby after a strict personal training regime
6 weeks for hard personal training
Rab's transformation from flabby to fit with personal training
Before and after photos showing client H's weight loss and muscle gain with personal training
Scott's  successful journey to a healthier and fitter body with personal training
Navy Officer Sam's fat loss with personal training
Robs fat loss with Brodiept - personal training
Before and after fitness journey with personal training

Please note: many of my clients do not wish to be published, which is perfectly fine. Moreover, many of the results attained are behavioural and psychological, which in many ways, is more important and lasting than a typical before/after picture can reveal. 

Former & Current Corporate Clients

Aldomak, current personal training client
EDF logo, a previous corporate client of the personal training business for on-site employee fitness program
RedBull logo, previous client where i worked with their high performance team
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