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Online Personal Training Cost
Online Personal Training BrodiePT

Are you ready to take your fitness journey to the next level?


My 12-week fully online personal training program is here to help you achieve your goals with convenience and flexibility. My program offers:

A user-friendly and easy-to-navigate online platform that allows you to access your workout plans, progress tracking, and communicate with me at any time, from anywhere.

Three individually tailored fitness workout programs to keep you challenged and motivated. These programs are accessible via an app, making it easy for you to take your workouts with you wherever you go.


Video demonstrations for proper form and technique, ensuring that you're performing each exercise safely and effectively.

Macro and calorie setting calculated using the Harris-Benedict equation, to make sure that you're fuelling your body with the right amount of energy to support your workouts and reach your goals.


Weekly check-ins with myself including a 30-minute phone call for support, program modification, and Q&A. This allows you to receive personalised feedback and guidance, making sure that your program is tailored and tweaked to your needs and progress.


Personalised habit formation and development plan, to help you develop healthy habits that will support your fitness journey and make it sustainable.


Expert nutritional and supplement guidance, to make sure that you're getting the right nutrients to ensure optimal function.


Option for in-person training sessions (if applicable and possible) so you can have a more personal experience and get the most out of your training.


Guidance on progress tracking and analysis tools, allowing you to see your progress and make adjustments to your program as needed.


Guidance for tracking of other health and wellness metrics such as sleep, stress, and heart rate variability to give you a more complete picture of your overall health and wellness.

Don't let anything hold you back from reaching your fitness goals. Sign up today and start on the path to success!

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